Helping you navigate and learn from the news in uncertain times

Welcome to Comprehending the News by me, Charles Anderson. I’ve been a journalist for over a decade. In that time, I’ve written news stories about all sorts of things from all over the world. I’ve spoken to people, recorded what they say, tried to find out if it’s accurate and then tried to fashion it into something that people, hopefully, want to read.

That’s journalism, really simple - true stories about our world. So this newsletter is about trying to help people understand how that process works by offering interesting things for you to read, watch and learn from. Hopefully, if you are a young person, it will also give your teachers some help in giving you materials for reading comprehension.

In uncertain times, it’s important that we can all figure out what information can be trusted and what probably shouldn’t. Recognising the difference and why they are different is so important in 2020. The truth, or the best attempt at it, matters. So this is my attempt to help out.

If you sign up to the newsletter you’ll receive. There will be news pieces, questions about them, and some discussion points to think about. Some will be articles, some will be videos, some might even be gifs. But they will all be interesting. Because at its heart, journalism is stories about the world we live in. And for better or worse, the world is a pretty interesting place to be right now.

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